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Trying to keep anything in on a regular schedule that requires thought and creativity is a challenge, but it is worth it when you see a book at the end of it, and when you start to see people get used to receiving it and start responding to it.

Discipline is something I try to have present in everything I do, and despite failure in some areas, in others it has proved very successful.

Some days these things get constructed at the fag end of the day, and end up being a little reduced in subject matter by the tiredness, but they are still a record of something, and so have some value. Mondays have been hard for me for a while – they seem to represent a huge power drain, and I have to bump over them. This doesn’t go unnoticed. We work to fix the errors we notice though, otherwise what good does it do to notice them? Just to celebrate the failings? That doesn’t work for me. Bed beckons – when this gets a more regular life, I will deep dive a little more into what is going on with me.

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