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I like two of what i think are considered lesser-Disney — Basil: The Great Mouse Detective, and Black Cauldron. The design of Black Cauldron caught my imagination when I was a kid, as it was all over some of the breakfast cereal I was eating, and I liked collecting the figures; the fact that it was Lord Of The Rings adjacent was also a bonus.

I always figured there were people liking the same thing as me. I wasn’t ever intentionally niche, but sometimes your predilections definitely drive you into places others at so interested in. I am obviously not just talking about Disney.

Knowing that things don’t have to just be a hit immediately when they come out, and that they might have life beyond the intial quietness of their receipt, and find fans later into their existence.

I write wanting an audience for everything — who wants no unruffled feathers, and a still surface on the lake after lobbing their stones? Not me.

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