High Altitude, Low Opening

Aster Risk

Risk Assessment Management had a sheep as it’s mascot. Take the Ram by the horns. Blow the horn. A cuineiform. A nautilus shell. Aster funnily enough, when she went into an area was the source of most of the risk. She had remora tulpas bobbing in her wake that, when she had completed a mission,… Read More Aster Risk

High Altitude, Low Opening

Zoe Trope

Why is the universe spinning? We are looking through the gate of a double slot experiment, and we are seeing it all move, like it is not just pictures strung together in a stroboscopic flow, like a zoetrope. Built around zootrophy. Rings within rings, circles within circles. A downward spiral into the heart of the… Read More Zoe Trope

PSG Daily


A day of rest – notionally, but really, how often? I don’t believe myself to be a scribomaniac, though I try to write daily. No, I am a writer. I sit here, surrounded by sleeping cats, thinking what strange little creatures they are. They eat to fuel a biological machine that seems designed for sleeping… Read More Sunday