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Some days are just really fucking good. I watch Anthony Bourdain in Puerto Rico, and I see the life of the people there, and the beauty of the individuals who are working to make something of their country. I recognise this in my own life, and that is something you have to do. Grass is always greener is never something I have believed in, and I have never been cursed with the green eyed monster. Where I have wanted something that I don’t have, I have gone after it; and if I am not in a position where having it is not possible, I make my peace with that.

Except making your peace makes it sound like you are overcoming a sadness, and that isn’t really it for me. I am not saying that I have not experienced sadness, because I have truly been in the long deep doldrums at certain points of my life, but I am imbued with the philosophy of the blues, and can turn a sad song into transformative news.

It is fun being around people who you can confidently talk about religion and politics with, and who you know won’t let it descend into tit for tat bullshit. People who you can use big words with, who do not encourage you to dumb shit down are gold – they should be your people if they aren’t. Nail their feet to the floor if you find them.

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