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You have to clean out the cobwebs. You have to shovel the shit. You have to sit down and hammer the damned keys until you have something.

I never had much of a thing for salesmen before – I never found them motivational or inspiring or a subject for much thought at all. It was always something set in opposition to artists – the salesman in the mix. But I watched a speech by Art Williams called “Just Do It”, and it spoke to me, because really, how do you get anything done? You Just Do It.

I have had friends ask me how I have so much work done, and how I have so much out there, and I honestly just sit down and work on it. I got the nick-name of “The Machine” for my ability to sit down and churn out poems, and up to a point it really worked for me, until I got repeatedly attacked for that, and I slowed down for a while. I intend to remedy that.

I have no expectation that everything I create is for every person, but the notion that you should produce less to appease some lazy state of mind that denies the authenticity of work that comes out in volume is just plain wrong.

I resurrected my newsletter this week, and you’ll see a place to subscribe to it on the side of this site. I am likewise going to throw more weight behind building out this site. Is it hard work? Yes. But as Art Williams said and Nike reminds us: Just Do It!

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