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I am what you might call knee deep in Nanowrimo, and I should probably more like hip-deep, but you know – it is what it is, as they say. I always challenge myself by writing more than one novel, because the idea is that I can bounce around between them.

I have been doing a lot of organising lately, and I mean mainly in my working space, this with the idea that I may get better results from not constantly having to dig around for shit. I am approaching a good flow, and I do get more done. I have some editing to do at the moment as well – past projects that need to come out, and which have languished in a holding pattern for far too long. Whenever I start to sort through my things I find things that I forgot about, or things which I am surprised about, and this reinvigorates me.

I have the promise soon of seeing some of the books I thought were lost when I moved from the UK, so I am kind of excited about that. There is a lot on the horizon, and my hardest task seems to be sitting down and telling people about it, but that is something that I am going to do.

Anyway – I suppose I always have a burst of energy after clearing a lot of crap out of my path, and today I did that.

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