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Is PSG Daily now rolled into Regular Movement and lost, is it the same thing distributed amongst two separate locations? For me they occupy a lightly different psychic space – one designed more as a catalogue of what was done, and one designed to be an engine to get things done. But maybe it is an interchange between the two. Regular Movement was a philosophy designed to inform the practice of writing and creating every day. PSG Daily was designed to have me thinking about my work flows daily.

The ideal scene for me would be able to have every single piece of work that I am in the middle of writing open, but even if I didn’t have a computer that would lock up and die if asked to do that; it might also be impractical in terms of how many runtime environments in my chrome that would involve – probably killing the processing power as well.

Obviously with working on so much there re skip days and there is a lag between one post and the other, and some projects probably take a hell of a lot longer than they should, but I am getting a lot done, and I suppose at some future point, when the true scope of these things can be assessed people might be impressed with the breadth of the work I have done.

There is writing and then there is writing about writing, and this is that – and it is a necessary part of the whole. Just by unspooling the tightly wound thought processes that form into the fiction, I am able to better see how to develop further what I want to write, and the process feeds more of these posts. Is this the inhale and then the fiction is the exhale, or is it all a circle and a cycle, not to be divided so easily into input output dynamics.

I will often talk of redoubling efforts, but it is, if you look at it, pretty obvious that when I am not writing in one place I am writing in another. So, this arrives when it arrives.

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