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Today I was digging around inside Medium for my company and created a magazine page for it, so I am probably going to find some way to work that into my own raft of projects. I have had a few magazine ideas kicking around for a while, and I have been looking at POD companies to see who offers not only the best conversion programs and best distribution, but also the best deal for the customer. I understand that print magazines are, to a degree, art objects, but what is the use of that if no one can afford it?

I have at least three things in the works I’d really like to bring to fruition, and some anthology projects which for some reason never got off the starting block. I have been sitting down with a calculator and crunching numbers on what it takes to create a paying market, and it is totally doable. The first hurdle overcome is that initial outlay. I am not sure how I feel about Kickstarting every project; but I do want to get my business model handled.

I like writing non-fiction as much as I like writing fiction these days – as I have said before, exercising different writing muscles is one of the fun aspects of this game. If there is an area or a subject that I am not familiar with and have to research this is also a pretty cool thing. I try and make a game out of the writing to keep it interesting, because some times, even if it is a self-imposed rule, I feel the pressure. I like to keep my production up, and I do produce a lot. In my mind not enough, but what are you going to do? Time constraints and all.

The newsletter went by the by this week, but I intend to get that handled and written pretty soon. If you aren’t subscribed you should track it down – Musehick Missives on tinyletter.

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