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I’ve been frankly shit at keeping this rolling on a regular basis, but perhaps the sporadic nature of the entries serves as its own commentary. I have been on a Preacher marathon today – watching pretty much the whole first season – I may let the last episode slide until tomorrow.

I like Hulu. I kinda hate Hulu adverts – especially any of them that deal with pharma or medico products, which list out side-effects in the same flat affectless tone – it’s kind of disturbing. The first part of the day where I watched it, and where I watched an episode of Legion, and felt sick and a little disconnected from my body, felt especially mirrored in the narratives, and even more so in the adverts.

I ate a little, went for a walk around the park with my girl, came back and got told a lot about Final Fantasy by my very knowledgeable girl, and then recommenced watching Preacher and reading Monstress. I wrote some stuff – poetry, and a response to a Facebook comment that I found problematic, completed an Intoviews interview on behalf of Intoviews, and am readying to go to bed.

Regularity – another promise.

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