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I started writing a novel yesterday called Protean Elegaic, and a book called Poet Ran, and I put them both behind the Patreon pay wall as an incentive for people to become patrons. It may be a slow burn. It is not the easiest site for me to navigate, in terms of do this and that will happen, and money will drop into your account. Being unknown and trying to raise money is an uphill struggle.

The novel is fun to write though – the name came first (Protean is an anagram of Patreon) and then I felt like I wanted to write something with an existential bent, and an elegy came to mind. I was reading American Splendor and watching Patriot on Amazon, and I suppose there was a lingering residue of Normal by Warren Ellis in my thoughts. The tone is a bit melancholy, and the main character is a killer with no name (or at least currently a series of literary codenames), who is trying to get taken off the job. I don’t want to give too much away – you should go read it. Funnily, after reading all that and writing yesterday, I ended up watching Jason Bourne, the latest in the Bourne series, and it was great.

I am nowhere near knowing who my character is yet – it will emerge.

Poet Ran may be unavoidably political, and I’m fine with that. I have a couple of satirical political websites in the works that I am to churn on soon. I have been working on resurrecting some older projects I had on the web, and it is going to hopefully make it easier to make art, and to help people as well.

I also started writing The Flower Of Babel as well, and god knows why, but so far all of the characters have speech impediments … and not in a weird demeaning way, but in a way that seemed natural and organic to the storytelling. So where that goes is going to be interesting. And not that I have worked it out yet, but it may tie into Vector Flower somewhere along the way; and there is the distinct feeling I have that the emergent tech in the story has something to do with Metaphor Tech (a concept in some of my fiction that is bedding down into the genetic structure of my stories like Herpes Simplex). is a concept I came up with to give a spotlight to emergent and established artists – it has laid dormant for a long time, but I am resurrecting it, and the first new interview is going live soon.

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