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There is so much out there that you can watch and listen to and read, and it can all feed into the compost heap.

There is enough that I can fall in love and then forget someone and then rediscover them again.

I loved The Commitments when it came out.

An age ago I found The Swell Maps on a compilation. And they dropped off my radar.

I happened upon Glen Hansard as someone like the people I listened to.

Then I saw Once and started listening to the soundtrack. Relistened to Glen and The Swell Maps again.

And then I somehow let it slip away again.

This week Glen showed up in the U2 Documentary on Disney and as part of a webcast from Amanda Palmer, so now here I am listening to The Frames and everything all over again.

The world is beautiful and a little chaotic, so if you can’t find anything in it I would like to suggest you maybe aren’t looking as hard as you could or should.

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