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I am 86 days into writing my 365 Projects — prose, poetry, and non-fiction. It is not always the easiest to get it done, I don’t suppose. I have had to push being awake to the limits some days to get the work done, but I am in love with the work. It feels like it is in a special place.

I have been cataloguing all my work and getting it into chronological order, and I am appreciating both the amount of it, and the connections between the pieces written at that point.

Things feel like they are warming up again — they periodically do. Not that I ever feel like I lack fire, but sometimes you get on a riff.

Carving out space for the different meals I want to prepare is what I have been about for a long time. Sometimes they take a long time to prepare, but they all get served.

I am in love with life and I am inspired at the moment.

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