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I try not to get derailed by what is going on in the world, but sometimes it slams into you and leaves you reeling.

Who would have thought that what happened today was possible? I am guilty myself of thinking that there was a lot of empty rhetoric there. I had them pegged as hateful idiots, but I didn’t think this eventuality was on the cards.

I am trying to distract myself somewhat, while I try and process it.

What will the fallout be? Will consequence be brought to bear on people who have abused their power or will those who fomented anger and violence by supporting a demagogue be allowed to slip back into their normal life? People like Lindsay Graham who is trying to transition from being a joke to being a comedian.

The world’s greatest democracy is in a strange place at the moment. That’s putting it nicely. If the people in power don’t do their job and actually start doing something to fix the divide a narcissist exacerbated then they shouldn’t keep their jobs. The personal liberty afforded to everyone in this country should be able to encompass the lifestyles of everyone who is willing to cooperate to make sure the idea of America and the Constitution moves forward.

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