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My wife was suffering from toothache last night. It is one of those unique pains that it is hard to tamp down even with pain killers. She gargled salt water and ACD. We tried all kinds of things. It was getting late, and in order for us both not to be toast the next day we decided that the best strategy might be to find something that induced sleep rather than straight up going after the pain. It worked, and it gave her just enough psychic wiggle room to get into the dentist and get it handled.

I hit a point around about 3pm where I felt totally frazzled. I ate a couple of energy balls and pushed through until the end of the work day, but I am definitely feeling right now. When I was younger I used to be able to push it to the nth degree and wrote some great stuff while operating on a couple of hours sleep. Nowadays I do it sometimes, but I definitely hit a barrier. It often comes that first time you feel a twinge of tiredness, and you say to yourself I’ll just take a quick nap, no shame in that. One short coma later.

I will hit my goal today.

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