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Today changed shape rapidly under the unique pressures of a possible COVID contact. It is the new normal, that the possibilities of the week can be entirely upended and reframed by a single careless act.

Sometimes I pick up that map and look at the world describes and I find myself deep into the truth of it before I realise I have not been thinking. This is not my map — this is a singular location and a possibility floating in a probability wave. You can change your mind.

I am watching a lot of movies at the moment, and some of them are movies about books and writing. I am reading about writing, and I am writing. I have friends with books out, and I have books of my own and others that I am getting ready to publish. It’s exciting.

The change was a brief thing. I hat these waves that come through and make me forget that I know how to swim. You have to talk it out and then you will calm the waters. I probably do have to go and get tested again — we shall see.

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