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Activities that you love are not always activities that you can be consistent with, try as you may. My creative ambitions at the start of the year are as shiny as new year resolutions, but that does not mean that they will be held too.

I have done a lot today, but today is one of those rare days where I do not have to work. Time is a luxury. I have a lot of things that I wish to do through the year, and even if I do not hit a hundred percent of the targets I know there will be some worthwhile work.

I am always looking to dive deeper on the stories that I want to tell and build out the mythology that I am developing. One of the things that needs to happen to facilitate this is for me to work out how to fix my wiki, which is a huge reference tool for me that allows me to have a record of everything I have written and the connections that exist between them.

I have work to do on the publishing front, and there are organisations I wish to set up too. I always have more plans than I have time for. Aim high though, right? There are fiction aspects of this blog and poetry aspects I would like to build out, but I would at least like to get back in the practice of writing this PSG Daily post. We’ll see.

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