pome granate

building with poetry

we’re building statues out of poems we’re building bonfires out of white papers we sold by bills, and penned in by bills and governed by decrees, and bought by donations and fooled by x marks the spot there is treasure beneath the democratic symbol of your mark we’re building futures out of death certificates glued together by blood that seeps from victims for those who deal in abstracts those who live by compacts and contracts and wave flags and do not step into another’s shoes but we can build futures out of poems and we can burn down straw men with our poems and we can kill ideas with our poems and we can turn to stone with our medusa gaze those that are trapped in older ways and are already stone but for whom it’s a state they do not own with poems we’re building our home with poems we have spirit to loan our poems are something to own to carry forward past our sink into loam we can how like Ginsberg we can sing like Trudell we can testify like Soyinka we can come like Sexton to the table with our poetry armour like Plath with our insight like Atwood we are building an escape route with our poetry
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