the dream of things

you have to learn you have to earn your place in the scheme of things to understand the dream of things not fall to underhand tactics you strain, your back clicks throwing yourself behind a task to expand the mind a mission to learn more to kick open every door you don’t cast light into the shadows you don’t tear down the gallows you don’t stop the lynching or see the political lynchpin all of this is invisible to you do you know Pine Ridge? have you heard about Four Little Girls? have you shared The Dream? have you operated by Any Means Necessary? were you there in spirit at Stonewall? there are many more just agree that Black Lives Matter when you hear #metoo show support building society isn’t a competitive sport it isn’t a money game it is a learning experience it is not a game of parrot it is more than just a ballot it is something we need to win at it is something we need to win it is something it is
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