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Allergies are a bitch. Florida has a lot of things to be allergic to. I lost most of the day because something is making my ears react like I have an inner ear infection. That means that my stomach acts like I have an inner ear infection. Can’t sit up to move, and can’t eat anything because nauseous — even water feels like too much of an ask if I have to swallow it. It means that it doesn’t occur to me that I might take the homeopathic medicine that is there to clear up my ears. That occurs to me about an hour after I have been awake and am both rested and settled enough to have a cogent thought.

We wrap up watching Silence Of The Lambs and then, not wanting to stay in that depressing vein, we opt for Thor: Love And Thunder. The story was a bit thinner than previous efforts, but it definitely entertained, and there were some emotional moments, but it wasn’t exactly full of surprises. Quirky still needs meat, and the meat was a little lacking. This was super hero candyfloss forthe most part — the parts that were not weren’t window dressing, but the gravity of them never really landed for me.

Continuing my revelatory deep dive into Amanda Palmer’s work, I’ve been listening to a lot of interviews with her, and now I am using one of those Audible credits that has sat there for a while, and I am listening to The Art Of Asking, which is read by Palmer herself. She resonates with me — I find her inspiring.

I am substacking all over the place — I have a few newsletters for different things ( a very me thing to do). I have books to edit. Getting back to things. Getting on with things. Starting new things.

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