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Do I know Elon Musk? No.

Do I know Johnny Depp? No.

What about these stories around them are supposed to inspire interest?

Their effect and proximity to you. With Musk and Twitter maybe that is an easier pitch, because you may have used the social media platform he just bought, so you have skin in the game, so to speak.

What about Johnny? I know people who know him. I have watched some films. I liked the films.

What rights do these tangential connections afford me? None. How high is the horse from which I can judge them? I’m not on that horse.

Social media allows for you to stand in a room shouting and never be under threat of any real retaliation. The information you are given is not the complete picture. The carefully curated clickbait you are perusing is skewed.

You have to think that trashing someone is horrendous, and if it were done to you, could you endure?

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