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Taika Watiti is getting to make some very idiosyncractic projects and I don’t think I have seen one that I didn’t like yet. Our Flag Means Death in its best moments makes me think of Blackadder. What We Do In The Shadows is in a similar vein, and also tickles the funnybone.

Thor: Ragnarok was my way into Thor — I didn’t like the character until that point. I loved Hunt for the Wilderpeople, so I was totally onboard for Jojo Rabbit, which was like Tin Drum with an absurdist twist. Reservation Dogs, like everything else, was something new. But what else is true of everything? Everything is true.

This man sticks to things that seem to make him happy. The idiosyncrasies don’t seem to cause replication from movie to movie, but you definitely get a sensibility.

I find him inspiring. I haven’t read or watched too many interviews with him, but who needs to when you have the work? You can learn a lesson if you pay attention.

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