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It is a strange time of year for me – strange that the psychological lure of a new beginning is quickly subsumed into the longshore drift of routine, and you wonder if it was a just a pause in the spin cycles where the water rushes in and you have to tread water to stay afloat again.

I always try to be a bit more glass half-full than glass half-empty, but doesn’t it kind of depend whether there is something tasty in the glass? If it is half a glass of piss, then why the hell would you ever be optimistic about it?

Sat out in nature eating egg salad with my wife with a natural freshwater spring behind me, I felt very hopeful. Getting into a writing rhythm I feel hopeful, but anything that smacks of routine weighs on me a little.

Fatigue is a bitch, and I hate being dragged to a standstill by a lack of energy. You have to push through it. You have to tune out any haters,and you have to find newness in everything you do. I sometimes have to remind myself of this. I do want this little section here – called PSG Daily, to be as vital as it was when it had its own site, so I am going to work hard to bring that about.

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