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It’s the morning – and I am awake a hell of a lot earlier than I intended to be. Well, partly true. I knew I had to be awake, but my Saturday morning sleep is kind of the necessary energy recoup point of my week. I tend to be low energy most of the week without at least one point where I can gather back all those hours.

I don’t know when, but I may have to change the look of this blog, because the formatting for paragraphs seems to be getting stripped out, which makes a dog’s dinner of all the posts I make. Looks awful for poetry. So either I debug this theme, or I am going to have to find a new one. I like being able to switch back and forth between the text and visual editors, and have it retain it’s format. I also don’t want to have to plug in html codes.

Does this make me a lazy motherfucker? Maybe by some standards. But I am a writer first, and able to do this other stuff secondly. I’d rather concentrate on the writing.

We got a new cat yesterday, and the introductions are not through yet. My other cats have taken it fairly calmly, but she is a little bundle of fury and teeth and claws, all of which she knows how to use, a damned sight better even than the older cats. It will happen – it’s always interesting to see that slow de-escalation of aggression.

Aims of the week – always to be expressed – to get a damned newsletter out – to debug this site – to debug skull cull – and to keep the PSG Daily section of the site rolling daily.

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