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Sunday is a good day for television. American Gods hits with a new episode, and then later on it’s Twin Peaks. It’s going to be interesting to see how the whole thing with Agent Cooper’s distributed consciousness body situation resolves itself … it’s one aspect I’d like to see resolved fairly soon. I’m sure the pay off will be worth it.

I finished watching Orange Is The New Black‘s 5th season yesterday, and I kind of felt it took a while to get going in some regards. I was actually starting get a little annoyed with it, and then Taystee gave this speech and nearly had me in tears, and suddenly I was willing to forgive the other flaws in the series. Not the best season for me, but not so bad.

I think out of the current crop of TV shows I am watching, Handmaid’s Tale is the one checking all the boxes -what it has done with the source material is fantastic, the acting is great, and the feel that it has of being something just around the corner makes it feel very relevant. Twin Peaks and American Gods are tied – my favourite part about AG is Ian McShane, whose Odin definitely reminds me of Swearengen. Twin Peaks is plumbing the weird, capturing the feel of the previous seasons, and adding some new nuances to the whole gumbo.

Reading-wise I re-read Nextwave, which had a great manic energy. I finished off Monstress which I really enjoyed, and which it is going to be interesting watch unfold into the grander mythos that is being hinted at. Descender‘s 3rd volume, keeps rolling along really nicely, in a space opera that definitely has hinted of AI thrown in there.

I’ve been writing Gun Controller, which is coming really easy, and is one of the more set in the real world stories that is part of This Burning World. I started writing erodetrip  too, which I have no idea what it is, and something called Enzyme Soup, and also Existential Fizz, both of which I’ll probably be able to link up tomorrow.

And Intoviews keeps rolling along nicely.

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