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I am 10 days in on Project 365 for poetry, prose and non-fiction and I am enjoying it. I couldn’t even explain quite how it happens, but an aesthetic sort arrives as something is both conceived and put into action. I have this whole shared universe that I have built, but given the way that it is conceived of, it can quite literally accept anything into itself, so I am trying to write outside of what exists there currently so there is something new to fold into the mix.

I am also about to embark on a deep dive with Samuel Beckett’s short fiction and am interested in what direction that might send me. It’s not like I will carbon copy the concepts or the style, but it is bound to bounce me off in some interesting directions. Writing science fiction stories while watching Mike Leigh films has also been a little bit interesting — the whole tone and sensibility shifts.

This year I have some hard targets I want to hit in terms of writing and in terms of publishing. I would like to move into being more overground and getting more recognition for the work. That is not why I am writing — for praise, or whatever, but you do write to be read and I would like to have more people reading. I don’t know if I can successfully migrate to a new model of creation where I leverage the volume of my output for a regular Patreon or Substack subscriber, but I would like to try. I think I work damned hard, and a lot of people are reading my work, so it must be worth something, right?

Anyway, go check out the linked sites above. The non-fiction this year is a lot of thinking about writing, rather than thinking about living, so I am hoping I have a pretty accessible guide to my thinking on writing by the end of the year.

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