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The way that Vince Gilligan builds his characters, breaks them slightly, and allows them to stumble on a little. Edging you forward in a way that helps you believe, like the character is believing, that maybe that big break is just around the corner, and he keeps building with that until the character and you fall flat on your face. With Saul Goodman you love him a little more, with Walter he become less and less likeable.

All the spinning plates that you watch teetering throughout the series, fall at just the right moment. The interesting thing with Better Call Saul, is that we are all wondering how this series will dovetail into Breaking Bad.

And then after that is dealt with, we have our post Breaking Bad Saul to follow into whatever lies beyond that. Will it be tied up with a bow? Unlikely. I know that Gilligan has some other projects in the works, but he has created a compelling world that I, and others, feel it is fairly likely he will be drawn back into.

Watching shows like this, as well as being entertaining, is education.

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