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It’s been a weird year. For not having succumbed to Covid, I feel like I have had every allergy and leaky body part it is possible to have without bits dropping off. Great way to break into a new post, right? When you haven’t posted in a while, but hey, them are the breaks.

My big toe still looks like it got into a fight that it didn’t win, and I suppose the fact that I had to hack out an ingrown toenail makes that the truth. Piles are a feature of an unfortunate number of middle-aged men’s lives, though you won’t get many willing to talk about the discomfort and those moments where they have considered the benefits of an arse-donut. An ear allergy of all things has travelled from the left to the right and seen itchy ear canals and swollen lugholes that would make a punch in the ear look tame. But bollocks to all that stuff … it’s not important. You have to soldier on and you have to create art.

I have been reading a lot of graphic novels, and mopping up the remaining books in Mike Mignola’s oeuvre to date. I have been reading everything of Anthony Bourdain’s I could get my hands on. I have been bingeing onĀ Cracker. I suppose I am on an inflow kick. I have been on a foggy headed kick. Time to kick that. Rededicate myself to promises of production and start churning again. I have many ideas — this is not disconnected from inflowing.

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