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The thing about setting up a site is that you should use it, so this year I am going to get this thing running.

I have several projects embedded in the site, and I would like to drive them towards completion, and have this be a locus for a whole bunch of various creative energies.

Unifying umbrella sites work well to show variety, and I also want this place to be something of a hub for the other things that I am doing. It is primarily fiction here, but the non-fiction is to be a news source.

I would love to get some regular press releases flowing out of here too, to let you know about the exciting stuff that I am creating myself, and the things that I am working on with others.

I called this period of the year “The Zone Of Noble Intentions”, and there is some truth in that, but it is entirely possible to put a practice in place that drives content, and can help shape the nature of what I am doing as a creative individual, and with my company.

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