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I probably have to make my piece with the fact that although regularity is the aim, there are some difficulties in achieving the goal when I have competing goals that demand more attention. They are all pulling in the same direction, so it’s not all bad.

I was reading that journaling is a pretty useful tool, and that it helps you to work out your thinking about things, and encourages a certain elasticity that may not be present otherwise. This is kind of like journaling – kind of an interstitial space where I can exercise thoughts before they solidify into art, whether that be prose or poetry.

It’s funny, because they did talk about one feature of the whole enterprise being that it was not for public consumption (kind of a place for mental overspill) but I have no issue in showing people the ingredients in the sausage. I could give someone the exact same ingredients I have and they aren’t going to make anything even vaguely similar to me.

I haven’t really sat down and looked at the analytics for this site, so it is quite possible I am shouting into a void, and no one is really reading it anyway. I don’t want to say that I am happy to talk to myself, but maybe the point of this place persists even without an audience. Some pieces I want people to read and engage and enjoy, and some places I am a little bit more OK with a shallow or non-existent interaction. Well, not really, but, you know.

I have been airing dirty laundry on Medium. I have been trying to drive in a regular newsletter. This week though, the main thing has been to corral together the finished works that I have done and get them ready for publishing. There were more than I thought, which is great, and they are all in a good state, where I just have to plug them into the machine that I constructed, and they will come out of the other end as books.

All that remains when they are edited together is to work out a line up that intersperses my own books with those of the other people that I am publishing. I have been publishing mainly friends, and once I have a schedule that maps out the release dates for all these works, I am going to really push to open up the submissions process and start pulling in more and more people. Once I am publishing a lot I know that I will be moving towards viability a lot faster. I need to fund competitions, get the writing course off the ground, get the non-profits nailed, and then get the writing school out of the idea stage and into real brick and mortar. This is a lot to do by myself, but I have a lot of determination.

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