pome granate

building with poetry

we’re building statues out of poems we’re building bonfires out of white papers we sold by bills, and penned in by bills and governed by decrees, and bought by donations and fooled by x marks the spot there is treasure beneath the democratic symbol of your mark we’re building futures out of death certificates glued… Read More building with poetry


the dream of things

you have to learn you have to earn your place in the scheme of things to understand the dream of things not fall to underhand tactics you strain, your back clicks throwing yourself behind a task to expand the mind a mission to learn more to kick open every door you don’t cast light into… Read More the dream of things


a national sport

a pain no gain stood in a queue in the rain waiting to complain seems insane but a common refrain again and again no truth at the voting booth disillusioned age and angry youth two sides of a page stuck in a kind of truce we do things a little different not so much bluster… Read More a national sport