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I have been watching Living The Line on YouTube and hearing about different comic book writers approaches to storytelling. Not one of them seems to use the same system. They each have elements of their process that chime with the other creative processes. I never really want to adopt another’s methods, but sometimes I’ll snag one element and mess with it til it fits in my own toolbox. Periodically I want to throw out the toolbox. Why? Because the engineering problem I am writing to solve this year isn’t the engineering problem I was writing to solve last year.

The notion that you are the same writer ten years into a career that you were when you first picked up a pen is like not acknowledging that the cells in your body now aren’t the same ones you were born with. Divination ideas are great tools for writing. I will pretend to be this artist today. I am writing science fiction in the style of a Kristen Hersh song. Non fiction through a Sonic Youth filter.

Dirt in the mix is an idea I have had for a while. Who wants it too clean?

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