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It is interesting how so many years of bad organisation can kind of stack up to make an unconfrontable behemoth of a thing. Picking away at the mountain of misfiled things or not filed things can take an age – but the big advantage is, once they are all cleared up, you can start to o things without having to wade through the clutter. I am not there yet, but I will be glad when I can say that the ongoing project consists of maintenance and not repair.

It has been a day of doing this all around the house, and I know I made some headway, but man, is it tiring. I got to write a few poems, and I have a book almost finished, which is great. All the thing I used to do and used to write, are things that I am getting back into the habit of doing – so that means even more things for you to read, if you like that kind of thing, and if you are reading this, why wouldn’t you? Anyway, the wind down is upon us.

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