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I am sat here watching David Letterman talking to Malala. I have really come to like him since he came back – there seems something deeper about him, and he seems to be using his platform to say something, and to talk to those who have something to really say. Maybe I just missed it before – I know I have made snap judgments in the past that I later retract, and I think with him the first show I saw that made me not sure that I really liked him was when he was talking to Hugh Grant after the Divine Brown incident, where they were joking around abut being unfaithful … it rankled me. I later saw him with Warren Zevon, when Zevon was dying of cancer, and the fantastic way he treated his friend really struck a note with me.

Edging back into the limelight, being really eloquent, and coming with a desire to educate – I could feel the difference.

International Women’s Day got me thinking. The kids from Parkland got me thinking. #Metoo has had me thinking. My own personal renaissance has got me thinking. When you survive any kind of trauma you reframe your life, and you look at purpose your survival might serve.

I am reading Roxanne Gay’s Bad Feminist. I am reading Laurie Penny’s Unspeakable Things, and I have set aside my own hurt in a certain area to publish my first poems in around 5 years. There is a desire to make a change.

My wife is a great example to me – she works in a job that helps people, and she is dedicated to making sure that she helps as many people as possible. I like to flow power to that.

I have published two fantastic women authors, and have more books in the works. I find this inspiring. I daily educate myself, so I can understand more, and so I can help more. It’s a start.

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